Resistance Band Set 3 Pieces


Resistance Band Set of 3 Pieces

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Resistance Band Set 3 Pieces


Fitness Exercise Resistance band for Men & Women

Non-Rolling Double Layers Gripper

Technology to make training Comfortable and effective

Available in 3 sizes and 3 Attractive colors

Flexible Polyester Cotton 55% and Latex 44%

Machine Washable Durable design

Great for strength training

Made from premium quality Fabric

Allows you to tone and sculpt every muscle group

Both for Men & Women

Toning, strengthening, and tightening your core muscles is easier than ever with bands suitable for Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, weightlifting, stretching, or popular workout programs like P90X or Beach Body

Our bands will NEVER roll, slide, or break. Tested with thousands of women of all sizes. Incredibly comfortable- use them with bare skin. Inner grip strips inside the bands keep them in place during every exercise.

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